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In 2009, Ruzica Djindjic gave the written legacy, certain personal things and the library of Zoran Djindjic to the State Archive of Serbia, the Historic Museum of Serbia and the National Library of Serbia.

The written legacy of Zoran Djindjic includes the notes indicating his thoughts on important state issues and documenting his constant striving for finding the best solutions for the accumulated  problems. The written legacy includes such  documents as letters to foreign political leaders, proposals for solving certain strategic issues, those on the state of the country, mission, goals and concrete activities for the modernisation of Serbia. These documents represent a first-class historic source for studies of political activities of Zoran Djindjic, but also of the history of Serbia. Apart from notes and documents, the written heritage includes, also, scientific works, including over 200 texts, articles, book reviews and polemics regarding the issues of philosophy, sociology, literature and political theory. All scientific works have been catalogued and bibliographically processed by the National Library of Serbia. The texts have had been published in expert and scientific publications in  the period after seventies.


The written legacy is today kept at the Archive of Serbia, where Zoran Djindjic's personal fund has been formed, which added one more historic person of the 20th and 21st century to the  Archive, in addition to the personal funds of Ilija  Garasanin, Stojan Novakovic, Nikola Pasic, Jovan Cvijic and others.


Personal things of the Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic are kept at the Historic Museum of Serbia: tie, mobile phone, wallet, watch, bag, as well as a part of the Prime Minister's working cabinet, collection of fountain pens, old ties, typewriter, German award Bambi presented to Zoran Djindjic for his political achievements in 2000, as well as the award of the Fund for American Studies, birthday gift of the Democratic Party etc.


Personal library of Zoran Djindjic has over five hundred books, including 44 issues of rare and old Serbian books (publications dating back

to 1867), a considerable number of books from the first half of the twentieth century in Serbian language, especially from the period between two world wars, with the selected works in areas of literature and social sciences, mostly history, philosophy and law, books in foreign languages (German, English, French).The library includes, also, some of the most significant works in the fields of history, political ideas and social sciences. The National Library of Serbia published the bibliography of the collection. The library was preserved in good condition in the Zoran Djindjic Foundation and it reflects the scope and the depth of interest of Zoran Djindjic.


Based on the decision on defining the old and rare library materials as cultural heritage of great importance, reached by the Managing Board of the National Library of Serbia, the library of Zoran Djindjic was included in the list of old and rare library resources of great importance in

December 2013.

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