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The Zoran Djindjic Foundation was established on December 15th, 2003, following the tragic murder of Zoran Djindjic, the Prime Minster of the Government of Serbia, with the goal to preserve the heritage of Zoran Djindjic by organising activities and carrying out projects keeping the values that he had stood up for. His closes assistants and friends took part in the establishment of the Foundation. Mrs. Ruzica Djindjic is the Head of the Foundation. 

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The mission of the Zoran Djindjic Foundation is to strengthen the regional cooperation, enable development of young experts in multinational companies in Germany and create a network of young people with similar interests in the countries of the Western Balkans. The Zoran Djindjic Foundation has, so far, organised a number of projects, including, inter alia: The Zoran Djindjic Internship Programme of German Business, Regional School of Political Philosophy and Summer School of European Integration and Democratisation Process. In addition to the German Internship Program, in the period until 2012, the Foundation has been implementing the Italian and Austrian Internship Programs as well.


The Zoran Djindjic Foundation, in cooperation with the National Library of Serbia, conducted the project of the publication of works and articles written by Zoran Djindjic. The project Selected Works of Zoran Djindjic includes the republishing of three philosophical books.  The concept of the edition included the publishing and research of selected works which have, so far, not been issued in the form of comprehensive author monographs of Zoran Djindjic. The fourth book published within the project was Politics and Society - Discussions, Articles and Essays, which included the foreword by Latinka Perovic, while the fifth book titled Philosophical Scriptures - Essays and Discussions, was published in 2013, marking the successful implementation of the project.


Biography of Ruzica Pavlovic Djindjic

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Managing board, employees and financial statements

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Institutions and organizations supporting and cooperating with the Foundation

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